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Friday, 23 December 2011

New GRE Practice Test

New GRE Practice Test

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Rеvisеd NЕW GRЕ Books Vocabulary

Don't run away cause you've seen that they are NOT FREE, read this first:
Why you should buy these books now?.. because:
1) each book costs 7-20 times cheaper, you pay only $15 and get all the best you need for NEW GRE preps! Or you always can choose what you want and prices are damn cheap: $1-$3!
2) you don't need to wait for shipping (or pay for it). After you pay you'll get the links for download (it can take me up to 12 hours to send you the links).
3) they are good quality, all you need is print them out and start preps.
4) they are the best among the GRE prep material and they are all you need to score high.
5) easy to pay: PayPal, MoneyBookers or credit/debit card.
6) you pay $15 and save $200, cause with these books you don't need to take GRE for second time :) And nobody likes to take GRE twice :P

Word Smart for the GRE, 2nd Edition

Word Smart for the GRE (The Princeton Review, 2nd ed, 2007) will help you build your vocabulary and boost your GRE verbal scores. It provides you with successful strategies for learning new words as well as proven techniques for scoring higher on the GRE Verbal exam.

It also includes:

· The GRE Hit Parade: the words most frequently tested on the exam
· Quick quizzes and a final exam
· Secondary definitions to help you avoid tricks and traps on the GRE



Kaplan GRE Exam Verbal Workbook

Are you ready for the GRE Verbal Section? You will be.

Kaplan's GRE Exam Verbal Workbook, Third Edition comes complete with a targeted review of all the tested material on the Verbal section of the GRE, plus Kaplan's renowned test-taking strategies. This powerful combination makes Kaplan's GRE Exam Verbal Workbook the most effective way for you to score higher on what is often described as the most challenging section of the GRE.

In-Depth Review of Analogies, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion, and Antonyms - with practice drills in every chapter.

Special Chapter on Analytical Writing to help you score well on this section of the GRE, including tips for writing clearly, concisely, and effectively.

Exclusive Strategies to manage time, master all the question types, and succeed on the computer-adaptive GRE exam.
A Mini-Dictionary for the Verbal Section of over 1,000 words - including special tips for the "Top 200" words most often found on the test.

As for me: Book is good but not complete (only all necessary chapters). If you need to see some pages not included in pdf look here.

200 Kaplan Verbal Flashcards

200 Kaplan verbal flashcards - the most frequent GRE words.
Including definitions, use in sentences, words with similar meanings, synonyms and antonyms.

As for me: Really good flashcards. Recommend to memorize them.


333 Barrons GRE High-Frequency Words

333 Barrons GRE High-Frequency Words (Vocabulary List)
+ Flashcards

As for me: Good word list.

Barron's GRE 50 Word Lists + Special Word List + Big Book WL
This pdf file contains:
- Barron's GRE 50 Word Lists (over 3200 words for GRE by Barron's with definitions).
- Special Word List (list of words from different topics: Music, Dance, Eating, Taste, Aroma, Phobias, Literature, Language, Mythology, Religion, Gods, Time, Death, Violence, Fights, Crime, etc.).
- Big Book Word List ( list of words which have appeared in the “Big Book” with the frequency of occurrence).

As for me: Really good word

19 GRE Tests for Verbal Section

Real 19 full length GRE for Verbal Section - 1444 Verbal Questions with Key.

501 Sentence Completion Questions

Many standardized tests, including high school entrance exams, PSAT, SAT, and GRE, as well as professional and civil service qualifying exams, use vocabulary words in context to test verbal aptitude. The most popular question type is the sentence completion question. In fact, it is one of the three sections on the Verbal SAT I. In this workbook, test-takers get immediate, focused practice in finding words in context. Each question contains a sentence with a fill-in-the-blank space. Test-takers must choose the correct word out of five possible choices. Correct answers are fully explained using their definitions, to reinforce skills. The Skill Builder in Focus method provides the targeted practice necessary to attain higher scores.

501 Sentence Completion Questions will help you:

* Prepare for important multiple-choice tests.
* Score higher on exams that test vocabulary skills.
* Learn primary word definitions and become aware of secondary word meanings in context.
* Assess your true vocabulary level and put you on the fast path to improvement.
* Identify distracters and zero in on correct answer choices through practice.
Questions increase in difficulty as you move through each exercise. Each practice chapter consists of 25 questions, and answer explanations are at the end of each chapter. All correct answers are explained, using short definitions and terms that clarify word meanings for effective studying and positive reinforcement.

501 Reading Comprehension Questions

aThis third edition offers you simple and straightforward methods and practice for quickly and dramatically improving your reading comprehension skills. Using a self-paced approach that moves from basic questions to more difficult ones, this new edition of 501 Reading Comprehension Questions teaches you to successfully prepare for all the different types of reading materials that are tested on standardized exams and placement tests.

You'll learn to:
* Develop expert reading strategies that are key to passing any exam.Effectively understand what you read, fast!
* Prepare for important exams with questions and passages similar to those on standardized tests, with full answer explanations for every question.
* Analyze and interpret poems.
* Overcome reading anxiety with high-interest level reading passages.

In addition, you'll get a suggested list of books that will show you the joy of reading for pleasure.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How to Register for GRE Exam

Step by Step instruction to Register for GRE using Prometric Online portal.

GRE Quant Books

 How to Study for the GRE Quantitative Section
 The GRE quantitative Section tests your critical thinking and problem solving abilities with a section of multiple choice math questions. In 45 minutes, you have to solve 28 math problems that cover high school algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. To get a high score on the GRE math section, it is necessary to review basic math formulas and number properties, as well as practice solving problems efficiently and quickly. Since no calculators are allowed on the GRE, you must also practice doing arithmetic by hand and in your head.

To help you study, this article breaks down the most important aspects of the GRE Quantitative section, and ways you can get a higher score.

The GRE Is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)

The GRE is only offered on the computer in a format called "computer adaptive testing." This means that the set of questions you will be given is not static, but dynamic. When you answer questions correctly, the computer gives you harder GRE questions that are worth more points. When you answer questions incorrectly, the computer gives you easier GRE questions that are worth fewer points. You earn a high score by answering many difficult questions correctly.

This affects GRE test takers in two ways: (1) GRE test takers must answer questions in the order they are presented without leaving any blank or skipping questions, and (2) test takers cannot go back and change their answers.

Another thing to keep in mind about the GRE, is that there is a heavy penalty for not finishing the exam. If time runs out before you get through all 28 questions, the GRE will deduct many points from your score for each question left unanswered. For this reason, it is better to guess on the remaining questions when you have less than a minute left on the clock. No points are deducted for wrong answers.

On the GRE website (, you can download two free computer adaptive tests.

Types of Questions on the GRE Math Section

The 28 questions on the GRE math section are divided into two types: problem solving questions with 5 answer choices, and quantitative comparisons with 4 answer choices. Understanding how to approach each type of question will go along way toward improving your GRE quantitative score.

Problem Solving: These are normal math problems that cover algebra, geometry, arithmetic, number properties, and word problems. Most of the time you will need to set up and solve an equation, plug numbers into an equation, or recall a mathematical property.

Quantitative Comparisons: These problems present you with two quantities labeled A and B. They can be expressions involving variables, numbers, or words. You may be give additional information that pertains to both A and B. Your task is to determine which quantity is larger, if they are equal, or if there is not enough information to determine a relation. On the GRE, their answer choices are always the same. Choice A means quantity A is larger, B means B is larger, C means they are equal, and D means not enough info.

Strategies for Solving GRE Math Problems

Many GRE math questions that look complicated can be solved with standard tricks that are made for multiple choice tests. For questions that have variables in the answers, try plugging in actual numbers to see which answer is reasonable. Or for problems that have numbers as the answer choices, you may be able to plug each number into the original problem and find the correct answer by elimination.

The makers of the GRE reuse certain concepts over and over. Factorizations such as (x+y)2 = x2 + 2xy + y2, and (x-y)(x+y) = x2 - y2 occur frequently. On the GRE, the Pythagorean theorem for right triangles is also applied frequently: a2 + b2 = c2. Some special right triangles to consider are those with sides 3-4-5 and 5-12-13, and triangles with angles 30-60-90 and 45-45-90.

On GRE quantitative comparison problems, you can perform the same operations to both columns without altering the relationship between them. For example, you can add and subtract anything from both columns, or multiply and divide them by positive quantities. This will help you simplify the problems so that you can see the relation more clearly.

If you have trouble solving all the problems within the time limit, consider taking a prep course or working with a private tutor. When you take the real GRE, you will have only about 1.5 minutes per question on average. If you spend a long time on any one question, especially near the beginning of the test, you have less time for the other questions. Therefore, if you get stuck on a problem, the best thing to do is eliminate a few wrong choices, guess, and move on to the next question. Remember, it is better for your score if you finish the GRE quantitative section

  All math books Free download

1. ETS - GRE Math Review


2.Quantitative Aptitude, R.S. Agarwal

3.GRE Math 450 Questions with Answers
4.1001 Math Problems
5.GRE Math Flashcards
6.100 Data Interpretation Questions

7.501 Quantitative Comparison Questions
8.501 Geometry Questions
9.501 Measurement and Conversion Questions
10.501 Algebra Questions
11.501 Math Word Problems

GRE Math books Free Download

Math Review for Standardized Tests is designed specifically to review, refresh, reintroduce, diagnose, and give you a fighting chance by focusing squarely on a test-oriented math review.

This is the most unique math guide available today! It combines insights and strategies for problem types while reviewing the most needed basic skills: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems.

Each review section includes:
* A diagnostic test
* Rules and concepts with examples
* Practice problems
* Complete (understandable) explanations
* A review test
* A glossary


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

GRE Exam Test Papers Kit

You have identified your goal and are ready to prepare yourself for this highly Specialized GRE Certification Exam. You want to score high, the course is large and the time is less.

Learn how to prepare fast and accurate,How to focus on important topics first, with the help of


Download 25 Free GRE Practice Tests

Get the 25 free GRE practice tests download link directly to your email along with a free GRE email prep course worth 1. Free GRE Practice Tests

    Reading Comprehension GRE Practice Tests
    Sentence Completion GRE Practice Tests
    Comparison GRE Practice Tests
    Problem Solving GRE Practice Tests